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NetSim 11 for CCNP

Average Rating: 4 stars (52)

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5 stars Hands down well worth the money
3/3/2017 2:20:44 PM - zulyn - fayetteville, NC US

I have utilized Boson Netsim since version 8. I can tell you it's WELL WORTH THE MONEY, so much so that I upgrade each time a new version is released. Yes you an utilize free tools such as GNS3 and Packet Tracer (I use those two very unique robust programs to help friends study for their exams and to build test networks) however, Boson is not just a simulator, it is an academy all in one. Each lab contained in the simulator contains instructions, explanations and training in an organized fashion. If you were to utilize only this simulator and completed each lab step by step, you would be around 85% ready to take your Cisco Exams (you still have to do the subnetting, know your basic OSI information, work with the hardware etc.... Aside from the extremely detailed labs, the interface is hands down the best I've utilized for training. If you are a newbie, this is definitely for you, if your like me and Networking is only a fraction of your IT responsibilities and you need a way to keep up to date on skills, this is for you.

The support staff is also very friendly and responsive. If by chance you find anything from a glitch to a typo, they have either already fixed it and you simply need to update your system OR they will fix it within a few days. I've only had to contact support twice, each time they responded within 20 minutes of me posting the support ticket and did not resolve the ticket until I let them know everything was good to go.

For those thinking about Torrenting this software, I highly recommend you buy it instead. I am all about free, however, when I come across a GOOD product, I don't mind spending a little money to obtain it. Again, Please believe me, it's well worth it. And if you don't like it, hey get a refund :D

5 stars The best
1/28/2017 7:01:22 PM - Jose L. - Miami, FL US

Excelent for ccnp

5 stars A product well worth the money
9/2/2016 11:22:41 AM - Ben - Wilmington, DE US

Practice, practice, practice and that is exactly what the NetSim allows me to do. I may encounter something at work, I haven't done in months. I turn to NetSim to help me refresh my memory and build up my confidence. And it doesn't require much hardware resources. Always a good thing when running a simulator.

3 stars Helpful, but could be much better
7/29/2016 2:44:35 PM - Todd - Nashville, TN US

In studying for my CCNP 300-115 SWITCH exam I came across NetSim for CCNP. Seeing the long list of supported protocols, along with a promotional discount, prompted me to purchase. Only after I started going through the CCNP exam objectives did I realize what all is missing from NetSim. Many important components of CCNP SWITCH are unsupported, making this a product of limited use for exam preparation.

No DHCP Snooping, no RSPAN, no IP ARP Inspection, no support for AAA-Radius or dot1x port authentication.

Many other good features are included, and plenty of good practice can be had with NetSim, but as I said, the lack of these features makes this a limited solution. I've had to fall back to using physical hardware for many lab exercises. Hopefully future releases and updates will improve the feature set.

5 stars Authentication Problem
5/25/2016 12:25:50 AM - winston - dubai, AE

Everytime I login my PC, I have to register netsim10.

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